Joined the band in 2010. Alcohol has a problem with him.. not the other way round.


Role inside the band:
Lead Guitar

Real name:
Nikolay Deliyski

Previous nickname:
Niko Wilson

April 20th

When did you start playing?
At the age of 14

Why did you start playing?
I like how guitars sound

Favourite bands/musicians:
Lamb of God, Trivium, Arch Enemy, Heart of a Coward, Northlane, Bring me the Horizon, Pantera, Destrage, Linkin Park

First album bought:
Linkin Park – Live in Texas

First metal album bought:
Linkin Park – Live in Texas

Favourite album:
Lamb of God – Ashes of Wake

First concert (as visitor):

Favourite Infernal Nightmare song:
Cursed Fable

Favourite Infernal Nightmare song to play live:
Last Broken Breath

Band would you like to tour up with:
Slipknot, Pantera, Guns n' Roses

Favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink:
Long Island Ice Tea – Red Bull

No cigarettes ;)

Favourite movie:
American Pie 2

Favourite actor and actress:
Jim Carrey – Scarlett Johansson

Favourite movie director:
Christopher Nolan

Favourite movie genre:

Favourite TV series:
Breaking Bad, Lost, My Wife and Kids, The Walking Dead, You're the Worst, South Park, The Family Guy

Favourite books:
It – Stephen King, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

Favourite computer/console games:
The Last of us, Far Cry, Dead Space 2, Crash Bandicoot saga, Grand Theft Auto, Spyro, Ratchet and Clanck

Favourite season:

Best thing you do on your freetime:
Have fun with friends while drunked

Describe yourself with just one word:

LTD Eclipse 1000, ESP Horizon II, Kemper profiler amp, ENGL E212VH Pro BK, Behringer FCB1010